10 Things Will Change When You Adopt A Cat

You may not think a creature that sleeps most of the day will change your life that much, but any experienced cat owner can tell you that your whole world is going to be different in a big way. When you adopt a cat, especially one that has been longing for a loving forever home, you’re welcoming a ball of fur into your life that will shape the way you live, change the way you love, and leave you a different, better person. Here are ten ways that adopting a cat will change your life.

#1. Your Cat’s Sleep Schedule Is Your New Sleep Schedule

You think you get to sleep in because it’s Sunday? Not when you’ve got a purring kitty lying on your face until you get up and fill the food bowl. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky few whose cat sleeps through the night and doesn’t wake up until you do, but for the majority of cat owners, our sleep schedule is totally dependent on how long kitty wants to let us sleep. You may even wake to the sound of paws running from room to room in the middle of the night, just because. That’s cat logic.

#2. Doing Chores Is Going To Get Tough

So you’ve got a clean, cat-fur-free basket of laundry. Well, not anymore. There’s nothing comfier than a warm, fresh-from-the-dryer stack of clothes for a cat nap. Making the bed? Good luck with a playful kitty darting beneath the covers as you try to spread them over your mattress. Every chore you do, prepare to have a cat making a mess of it. After all, kitty worked hard to make that mess in the first place. Why would you try to clean it up?

#3. Getting Work Done May Take A Little Longer

If you’re sitting down at your computer, prepare to have a furry hand warmer sitting on top of you and your keyboard. The warm computer is a nice, comfy spot, and your kitty knows there’s no way you can avoid giving her attention now. And if you think taking notes with a pen or pencil instead of going digital will save you, guess again. The moving writing utensil is the perfect toy to pounce on.

#4. Get Comfortable With A Total Lack Of Privacy

Do you like some privacy when you’re in the bathroom taking care of business? Well, you’d better get used to a pair of eyes on you at all times. Cats do not respect personal boundaries. Closed doors are no longer allowed in kitty’s home. And if you do try to shut her out, be prepared for some loud, angry meows and some paws swiping at you from underneath the door.

#5. Your Social Media Belongs To Your Cat

You probably didn’t think it was possible to fill up all the gigs of storage space in your smartphone with cat pictures alone, but here you are finding out which shots you can possibly bear to part with. All of those photos have to go somewhere, so prepare to flood your friends with pictures of the most adorable cat in the world–your cat! And why not? You’re proud of your little ball of fur.

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