Meet Ethel, The lovable Blind Kitten With hydrocephaly UN agency simply desires To Be Held!

When town Kawczynski, the founder and president of The Odd Cat Sanctuary, learned that a four-week-old kitten with hydrocephaly was in danger of being euthanized at an area animal shelter, she saved the lovable gray and white cat.

Shortly when the kitten was force from the shelter, she was placed with one in all the Salem, Massachusetts rescue’s dedicated foster carers, Nicole Sauve. “I met her when she arrived [at the rescue],” remembers Nicole. “She was pawing through the carrier and meowing non-stop, one thing that's pretty in line with her temperament — she simply desires constant attention!”

The kitten required a reputation, therefore shortly when meeting the lovable special desires cat in period of time 2018, Nicole christened her Ethel. “I’ve forever dear the name Ethel however I appear to forever find yourself with male cats at my house,” explains Nicole. “So once we saw her face and knew i used to be fostering her, town and that i united we have a tendency to finally had our Ethel!”

Not long when Ethel was saved from a Massachusetts animal shelter, The Odd Cat Sanctuary organized for her to envision a medical specialist so as to higher perceive her medical problems. before inbound at The Odd Cat Sanctuary, Ethel was diagnosed with hydrocephaly, a buildup of fluid within the brain which will cause AN irregular gait, visual or aural impairment, hyper-excitability, and even seizures.

“The doctor started her on medication to assist with the fluid buildup in her brain,” says Nicole. “They additionally counseled medication to treat a doubtless infectious explanation for the ill health within the likelihood it's not nonheritable, therefore she receives this daily further.”

Because Ethel is just too young to own AN MRI, nobody is aware of of course if she was born with hydrocephaly or nonheritable it at some purpose in her young life. However, everybody at The Odd Cat Sanctuary — particularly her foster mommy Nicole — is doing their best to allow this cute special desires cat the treatment she has to thrive.

“Likely associated with the hydrocephaly, she is additionally blind,” explains Nicole. “Poor Ethel has had a number of alternative complications — AN higher infection, prolapse, and a albuminoid issue together with her skin– although we have a tendency to square measure treating everything because it comes and he or she has been quite the tiny fighter through it all.”

While Ethel hates taking medication double every day for her health problems, she’s AN otherwise happy and active young cat UN agency completely adores fiddling with feathers and her foster mom’s hair, chasing when crinkle balls, and in fact, eating. Ethel additionally enjoys payment time with the opposite cats Nicole fosters for The Odd Cat Sanctuary, however there’s nothing this little kitty loves over being control.

In fact, Ethel likes kissing together with her foster mommy most, she's going to meow repeatedly till Nicole offers her the eye she demands, proving special desires cats square measure — for the foremost half — constant as average felines. “Ethel could be a happy and spunky woman with a large temperament,” says Nicole. “She has no plan she’s completely different than alternative cats!”

Having cared for variety of special desires kitties for The Odd Cat Sanctuary, Nicole hopes a lot of folks can take into account changing into foster folks for his or her native rescues as a result of serving to these animals in want very will save lives.

“I’ve met and fostered the foremost special cats through Odd Cat — many that would have otherwise died if the rescue didn’t have area for them — and simply would like others out there would additionally open up their homes to special desires cats too,” says Nicole. “We square measure forever searching for a lot of fosters!”

While Nicole is aware of special desires cats like Ethel usually have issue finding homes, or perhaps folks that square measure willing to foster them, she’s sure animals with medical problems square measure capable of getting wonderful lives. “Medical diagnoses aren’t a death sentence!” says Nicole. “And all animals, particularly special desires ones, be an opportunity at a cheerful life!”

Thanks to everybody at The Odd Cat Sanctuary, notably Nicole, Ethel encompasses a terribly happy life, and it’s not possible to not rely on what may need become of this little woman if the Massachusetts rescue hadn’t stepped in.

Fortunately, Ethel, the tiny blind kitten with hydrocephaly UN agency likes to be control, is — quite virtually — in glorious hands, and there’s little question she’ll receive the care and feeling she desires from her devoted foster mommy.

“I love each Odd Cat I’ve ever fostered, however some cats — particularly people who need such a time commitment — simply take over such a special place in my heart,” says Nicole. “We at Odd Cat simply need the planet for Ethel and hope most she’s one in all the lucky ones UN agency gets to measure an extended and healthy life, even together with her medical complications. She suggests that plenty to American state.”
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