[SURVIVE] An Animal fight changed her face look

When Kaitlin Zezeski stumbled on a photograph of a martyr, a handsome black associate degreed white cat with an endearingly completely different face, on Petfinder, she felt an on the spot reference to the one in every of a sort dinner jacket kitty.

“I instantly knew he was reaching to be mine,” remembers Kaitlin. sure she was destined to adopt martyr, Kaitlin organized to fulfill him in August 2015 at an associate degree animal shelter close to her aim urban center, Pennsylvania, wherever he’d complete up when he was saved from the streets as a kitten.

“I was told he was attacked by associate degree animal once he was a homeless kitten,” explains Kaitlin. “A kind couple saved him and suckled him to health before an area rescue took him.” whereas nobody is aware of precisely, however, martyr received his injuries, the suspected animal attack left the lovable black and white kitten with scars around his nose and eyes. “He’s missing a part of his lip,” says Kaitlin. “He essentially had his face return along.”

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