1. Use the other senses of your blind cat to get used to your home

Cats who can not see still have the use of their other senses. You can perceive the world through listening, smelling, tasting and touching, so use these other senses to help your blind kitten find their way around.

2. You can move your furniture if you have a blind cat

It is said that one should never rearrange the house when living with a blind cat. But according to Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, that's not true: Blind cats can find out about the new locations of objects, even if they need a little more time to reorient themselves. But keep in any case the important things like cat lavatories and food dishes in the same places.

3. If you raise a blind cat, place it where it can orient itself

Blind kittens use odour and touch to orient themselves. So, if you pick up your cat and carry it to another room, put it near a cat litter box, food, bed, or a place where the floor textures change.

4. The loud toy is best for blind cats

Although blind cats cannot see, they play and hunt as much as any other cat. There are many toys available to stimulate a cat's hearing and sense of smell. For example, Crinkly Toys and a catnip filled kicker are a big hit with blind cats. Interactive toys can be moved and manipulated to create sounds so that a blind cat can track its "prey" with its ears.

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