5. Let your cat know that you are there or come closer

Blind cats are more easily scared than others, especially if they also lose their hearing. So let your blind cat know that you are coming and do not pass theirs or lift them up without an introductory "hello" and a gentle caress.

6. If your cat loses sight, be patient with her

Cats often respond to weakness by hiding this weakness, perhaps becoming more distant or aggressive. Others can become more dependent or affectionate. If your cat responds to her changed perspective, be friendly and compassionate and imagine how you would feel if you had to go through the same. Talk to your cat when you come or go to assure the animal that you are nearby.

7. Do not leave your blind cat unattended outdoors

Although blind cats control their indoor world perfectly, it makes no sense to expose them to the dangers of outdoor living. However, an outdoor enclosure or a walk on a leash, if your blind cat fancies, could be a wonderful boost to their quality of life.

Would you buy a blind cat? Do you think that one should be less afraid of this obstacle? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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