Beth took Sylvie and Jules to see Dr. Sapienza, an ophthalmologist at Long Island Veterinary Specialists (LIVS), and he determined that each of them needed to have an eye removed. Dr. Sapienza also performed crysosurgery — the process of freezing and removing hair — on their remaining eyes in order to stop the hair around their eyes from causing injury or irritation.

Following cryosurgery, Dr. Sapienza determined Jules and Sylvie had limited vision in their remaining eyes, and they would require cleaning and lubrication two times a day for the foreseeable future. “I watched these little ‘perfectly imperfect’ angels go through all their ups and downs as they were loved and cared for by Beth,” remembers Mary Ann. “I decided to email her to inquire about their status. I explained my story, my brokenheartedness, and my love of animals. She felt the two would be a great match for me.”

Jolie — Jules and Sylvie’s sister — had already been pre-adopted by another family, but Beth wanted the two ginger kittens to find a home together as they had developed a strong bond with one another. Fortunately, Mary Ann had been looking to adopt a pair of cats, so Jules and Sylvie joined her family in early 2018 when they were approximately five months old.

“Beth and her assistant lovingly delivered them to me on Super Bowl Sunday last February,” says Mary Ann. “I was filled with joy and so grateful to Beth for all she had done in the name of love for these two innocents. They are among the lucky ones.” These incredibly fortunate cats quickly settled into their new home with Mary Ann, cuddling and playing with one another and racing around the house.

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