15 Signs That You're a Cat Lover

  1. You Knit, Crochet or Sew for Your Cat
    Do you love making an occasional sweater for your furry friend? That's really sweet! But you might be verging on crazy cat lady status if you knit an entire wardrobe for your pet, as well as toys and bedding.
  2. Your Cat Has the Best Halloween Costume on the Block
    Dressing your cat up for Halloween -- or any other holiday -- is a sure sign that you're head-over-heels for felines. But before putting your cat in an adorable get-up, be sure to check out Halloween Pet Costumes: Safety Guidelines.
  3. You Take Selfies With Your Cat
    You know you're really crazy about your cat if her sweet face is all over your phone and social media accounts.
  4. You Cat Has Her Own Social Media Account
    Speaking of social media, does your cat have her own Instagram account? Or perhaps her own blog? If so, you might have started to cross over to crazy cat lady territory, especially if you blog using your pet's "voice."
  5. You Take Your Cat for Walks
    Taking your cat for a walk with a leash gives your favorite feline exercise and mental stimulation. If you have a stroller for your cat, however, you might need an intervention.

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