Despite everything martyr had been through in his young life, once Kaitlin met him nose to nose, she was pleasantly stunned to find out that he was a really happy and outgoing cat. However, Kaitlin wasn’t certain if the handsome dinner jacket boy would get together with her 2 cats, thus she determined to foster martyr before creating the commitment to adopt him. It didn’t take long for the young cat with the distinctive face to form himself reception with Kaitlin and her alternative kitties, and she or he formally adopted martyr per week when meeting him for the primary time.

It’s been quite 2 years since martyr joined Kaitlin’s family, and he’s as healthy, happy, and friendly as ever. “He’s extraordinarily social,” says Kaitlin, “and welcomes all of our foster [cats].” additionally to acknowledgement guests to his home, martyr likes to play, particularly with plastic springs, and he enjoys wrestling along with his 5 siblings.

This handsome black and white cat conjointly likes keeping his mama company within the room, and at meal times, martyr will typically be found next to the sink, management Kaitlin whereas she prepares food. one in every of George’s favourite activities involves a rainbow maker his mama got for the room. “He loves chasing rainbows,” says Kaitlin. “He’s such a ham.”

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