Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Lovely Cat

1. Exercise More

Top of your agenda should be how to lose those extra pounds that you have added especially after the feasting you have had towards the end of 2017. Without doing exactly that, then you will probably be in for a series of problems.
Remember you have been doing the feasting together with your furry friend. Why then should you leave her behind when it comes to matters to do with fitness? She might need to be bigger because of the prestige and respect that you earn with such sizes.
But again, the size comes with its so many demerits. Make it a promise between the two of you that exercise is going to be a must thing this New Year. All you need to do is provide her with toys that she can play with to keep her fit.

2. Eat Healthily

Personally, this has been a challenge to both of us in 2017. We have been eating without considering the health aspects of what we take in. Have you been in the same situation that I have found myself in together with my cat?
Let’s not carry this dangerous habit into the next year. Make it a resolution between you and your cat to eat the foods that you love but at the same time consider making healthy substitutions for your diets.
Your cat can get annoyed at some of these changes but again, do you really need to be worried about this? After all, she is not the one who reads the nutrition labels of the food. Unless she can do that herself, then you can reconsider your position just a little bit.

3. Make new friends

My cat and I made so many friends this year. And we are not planning to stop at that. We want to expand our kingdoms. That is only possible if we can make some friends. You and your cat are not left behind either.
It is through friends that you can learn new stuff. You are the only person who can make an important judgment on what is good and what is bad of the new ideas your cat can get from the friends. It is important that you take charge, otherwise your cat might end up with some lovers of the bottle (drinkers) and coming home late will be her thing. Help her in choosing her friends.

4. Being responsible

Responsibility is very important in a family. It does not stop at you. Any living being must take up do their parts to ensure that you all stay in a peaceful environment. Why would you have to repair or replace your furniture so often?

Your furry friend must not take you down the poverty route as you watch. Make it a resolution that no more scratching must be done on the furniture. This is only possible if you feel concerned about your feline friend and you have provided her with a scratching post.
This calls for responsibility between the two of you. Where else would you expect your cat to scratch herself if an alternative is not provided? You should come to an agreement with your cat that both of you should be more responsible this year round; this is because irresponsibility will do enough damage in that house. Most of these damages will be among the causes of the next world war between you and your cat.

5. More Loving

Love is one important thing that can never be wished away. Be it between the cats themselves, amongst humans or even between the cats and humans. I have watched my cat pick so many unnecessary fights that I do not want to be part of this New Year.

Love does not cost a thing. I want to teach her how to purr more and at the same time be affectionate to every member of the family. These cats are just more or less the same; I know you might be experiencing the same problem.

Make it a resolution that there is going to be more love and less of hate in the year 2018. And by the way, make sure you warn the dog to keep off your cat's litter box. No more troubles this time around.

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